The Meaning Behind ‘LUMESCA’


The next chapter under our new brand identity has begun, and a key part of this identity is the name. It wasn’t chosen on impulse, rather a conscious decision through which we can communicate our mission. So, we want to share with you a little more behind the name, LUMESCA.

Since 1986, our business has grown and developed and has taken on several brands along the way. We knew it was time to consolidate our business under one identity, so it was important for us to choose a name that encompassed all our brands whilst still being broad enough to allow us to expand even further in the future.

We chose the name LUMESCA for its strong connotations to light. Inspired by the word luminous, meaning a bright light, LUMESCA connects to every area of our business. From photography and videography to design and colour management, with light being an integral factor in each.

With these connotations in mind, LUMESCA depicts our business as a guiding light, a reflection on our team of experts and years of experience within the photographic, video and design industries. We aim to lead brands, to spread knowledge and educate within our markets – from key partners right down to the end consumer. Transforming into LUMESCA allows us to do this as depicted in our name.

A message from our Head of Marketing:

“Re-branding and simplifying who we are as a business is a big step forward and it enables us to build on our long and successful history. In developing our new brand, we involved lots of stakeholders to get a rounded view of our business, and to fully understand how we are perceived and what we stand for. Our new identity, unifies all of our employees across Europe where, ultimately, everyone is on board and excited to be part of LUMESCA Group.”

Going Forward

Just as before, LUMESCA Group are committed to delivering market-leading products, services and education for individuals and businesses looking to maximise their creativity. We continue to be industry experts known and trusted for our independent technical advice. We value innovation, collaboration, ambition and progressiveness, and these values remain at the heart of everything we do.

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