Partner Brands: X-Rite


Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, X-Rite is a global company with locations all around the world. Experts in blending the art and science of colour, they focus on providing complete end-to-end colour management solutions in every industry where colour matters.

LUMESCA is the sole European distributor of X-Rite Photo & Video products for the photo, video and print industries.

Product RangE:

Capture family

X-Rite ColorChecker Photo and Video targets are the reference standards that professional photographers and filmmakers around the world use to ensure predictable results under all lighting conditions. These professional targets are designed for setting perfect exposure, matching multiple cameras, achieving accurate white balance and eliminating colour shifts. ColorChecker targets can be used to create custom camera and scanner profiles for even more accuracy, speeding up workflows and saving time in post.

Edit family

Calibrated and profiled devices are a critical and essential part of a successful, efficient, colour-accurate workflow. Calibrating and profiling displays will optimise screen settings for contrast, brightness, and colour temperature for accurate on-screen colour. When it comes to display calibration, X-Rite offers affordable, professional solutions that make sure all devices – monitors, projectors, cameras, scanners, printers, and mobile devices – are speaking the same language.


Print family

Photographers and designers know that getting the colour on screen to match prints can often be a challenge. Creating custom profiles for photographic paper will consistently provide optimal colour, save valuable time, money, and frustration. X-Rite’s range of professional calibrators offers perfectly accurate colours for all print workflows to ensure the colours captured, viewed and printed are true.

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