Partner Brands: Tether Tools


Tether Tools offer a range of premium tethering equipment to streamline photo and video shoots and improve safety on set. They help photographers and filmmakers connect their camera digitally, collaborate with their team in-studio or on location. Their tools are used by the best in the industry and across the globe as an essential piece of their workflow.

LUMESCA offers the full range of Tether Tools products as exclusive distributors in the UK and Ireland.

Tether Tools are best known for their cables and cable management solutions, although there is a wide range of products available covering wired/wireless tethering through to power management. They incorporate all of the latest technology, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity and as all products are made in the US, you can count on the build and efficiency of the equipment, so you know that you are getting the best in the market.

Families of products:


For wired connection to and from devices in a range of lengths and connection types

Cable Management

The JerkStopper range prevents damage to device connection ports

Power Management

On-site solutions deliver power for computers and cameras while on location

Tether Tables

Tables suitable for tethering to a camera or multiple cameras in a studio setup

Wireless Tethering

A range of wireless solutions for direct capture


Dedicated capture software for wired or wireless capture

Studio Products

From stands, tripod cross arms to simple clamps, the Rock Solid range has everything for the studio-based image maker

If you want to learn more about Tether Tool’s range of premium tethering solutions, please contact us.