Partner Brands: PocketWizard


PocketWizard are the industry leaders in wireless control and synchronisation of cameras, flash lighting and light meters. They are integrated with products from top photography manufacturers, including Sekonic, Bowens, Profoto, Dynalite, and more, making remote triggering very accessible.

The Pocketwizard range



PocketWizard’s radios are the key to photographers wanting to shoot remotely outside. As the leading manufacturer in wireless triggering, their radios enable streamlined and uninterrupted triggering of remote cameras and flash, supported by 32 channels and up to 900m in range.

Cables and Accessories

PocketWizard’s cables, gear bags and lighting accessories are designed by photographers for photographers. Protecting equipment the professional way and allowing the triggering of photographic equipment to happen seamlessly.


If you want to learn more about PocketWizard’s industry-leading triggering system, please contact us.