Partner Brands: ExpoImaging


Founded in 2004 and based on the central coast of California, ExpoImaging designs, manufactures, and markets innovative photographic and drone accessories. ExpoImaging is a pioneer in developing white balance tools for digital photography, such as the ExpoDisc white balance filters, and designs portable light modifiers for accessory flashes under the Rogue brand name.

At LUMESCA, we offer a range of ExpoImaging mouldable reflectors, soft boxes, flash gels and accessories that give photographers complete control over lighting during their shoot.

ExpoImaging products are versatile, lightweight and portable, so they can easily be taken anywhere, on location or in the studio, perfect for both professional and amateur photographers.

The expoimaging range:

The latest range from ExpoImaging comes in the form of Flashbender V3

It offers shapeable reflectors and soft boxes for speedlights, as the ultimate "there when you need it" light modifier, and the latest colour correction gel accessories.


Available in Small, Large and XL Pro sizes, FlashBenders are optimised for on-camera flash event photography as well as multiple light set-ups using off-camera flashes positioned on light stands or booms.

If you want to learn more about ExpoImaging’s photographic range, please contact us.