Partner Brands: EIZO


EIZO is Japanese for image. Founded in 1968, EIZO develop and manufacture high-end screens to meet the specialised needs of customers in business, creative fields, healthcare, air traffic control, maritime, security & surveillance, and more.

EIZO colour-critical monitors have an unmatched reputation for design innovation, hardware quality, and above all, colour accuracy.

At LUMESCA, we offer a selection of EIZO ColorEdge, CG and CS monitors to suit a variety of users, as well as budgets. From colour-critical work, such as image processing, digital photography or graphic design, through to editing and grading video content, EIZO has a specialised solution.

ColorEdge CS Range

EIZO ColorEdge CS monitors give image-makers everywhere more colour, clarity and uniformity


With ColorEdge CS, you can see colour clarity no matter where on the screen you view an image, an absolute must for image retouching and colour grading. The range is perfect for image-makers wanting more from their monitor and stepping into the professional display market.

99% Adobe RGB gamut

Colour calibration


ColorEdge CG Range

The ColorEdge CG series is split into three sections: 4K Definition, High Definition and HDR, with all the technology needed to see the detail and colour in any visual.

ColorEdge CG monitors also come with a built-in calibration sensor to help achieve maximum colour accuracy. This quality means that the CG range has been the go-to for professional photographers and image-makers all over the world for years.


If you want to learn more about EIZO's range of professional colour-accurate monitors, please contact us.